Achieve Success in Your Dentistry School Interview with Fast Track

Applying to dentistry school is a stressful and difficult process.

With the competition to gain entry into dentistry school becoming increasingly intense, having good grades alone will not guarantee you a place. Much relies on a student's performance during the all-important dentistry school interview. Students who attend our courses will dramatically improve their interview skills and help secure a place at dentistry school. Our students have a 98% success rate. Fast Track Dentistry School Interview Courses are suitable for both A level and graduate entrants.

Our Dental School Interview Courses are Unique:

  • We have 3 hour MMI Practice, run by MMI specialists.
  • We get to know you and support you until you get your offer.
  • Maximum 15 participants in our workshop to ensure plenty of interview practice.
  • We ensure real practice at role plays, to deliver the feeling of a real interview.
  • Our MMI has been specifically designed and structured to teach you techniques to deal with any station.
  • You will gain all the tools you need to answer any questions on the day.
  • You will practice a wide range of role plays and get feedback.
  • Because we have only 15 people on each course, you will be able to raise any concerns and issues you wish to address.
  • Our courses are perfected by our leading team of experts who are specialist in training students for dental school interviews.
  • We have in depth knowledge of each dental school interview process.
  • Our course is unique and outweighs any other course available because we focus on the individual dental schools and their specific MMI Stations.
  • We have timed MMI scenarios so you can practice thinking under pressure.
  • You learn about and practice a wide range of the latest MMI role plays.
  • Our students email us the latest questions and topics asked at their real interviews. We will focus on these questions on our course. You will gain all the tools you need to tackle any question.
  • The course covers all aspects of dental school interviews, including questions on: personal statement, work experience and motivation, communication, team playing, leadership etc.
  • We cover the different stations. Different Dental Schools have different styles of MMI stations.
  • We run workshops on each type of station.
  • We teach you skills and techniques to deal with the different stations.
  • We help you to polish your MMI technique and help you to sell your self effectively.
  • We cover questions, which have been asked at recent interviews, at the different stations. For example: counselling someone, breaking bad news, dealing with an angry person, difficult situations or difficult colleagues. Questions include: ethical dilemmas, role plays, solving problems, personal skills, work experience, communication and knowledge questions, logic and reasoning, prioritization station, video critique, interpersonal skills and personal insight, innovation and creativity, communication of complex information, empathy station (what to do if someone starts crying), data analysis and interpretation, group interview, how to describe a painting, manual-dexterity and many more.
  • The course includes: steps involved in treatments, fillings, extractions and the different types of materials etc.
  • The course covers a wide range of questions asked at recent interviews, covering all 12 stations. For example:
    • How does smoking and drinking affect dental care?
    • What are the challenges of dentistry?
    • What is the future of dentistry?
    • Why is manual dexterity important in dentistry?
    • Top ethical decision making questions.
    • When do you break confidentiality?
    • Why not Medicine?
  • We will read your personal statement in advance and cover questions on your personal statement.
  • We address any issues you may have.
  • You will enhance the knowledge you need for that crucial interview.
  • Learn about New Legislation, the NHS new pilot schemes.
  • Matters currently affecting dentistry.
  • The future of dentistry.
  • Practise the most common interview questions and model answers including MMI style questions.
  • Communication skills and body language.
  • How to deal with different stations.
  • What are the challenges of dentistry? How are the recent changes in the NHS affecting dentists and patients?
  • Should HIV Positive dentists be allowed to practice?
  • What was your greatest mistake?

One-to-One Dentistry School Interview Coaching

  • Face-to-face or by Webcam (Skype) provided by experienced specialist in Dentistry School Interviews.
  • Select one, two or three-hour sessions.
  • You send us your personal statement in advance.
  • We analyse your personal statement, prepare detailed questions, and ask those questions during the session.
  • We record on CD several mini-mock interviews with you, and use those to discuss and improve your performance.
  • One-to-one allows us to concentrate solely on you, your personal statement and on your chosen dentistry schools.
  • We cover the questions asked by your chosen dentistry schools for the past two years.
  • We quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • We help you sell yourself effectively and with confidence.
  • We discuss various ethical scenarios, current NHS issues, recent articles in the press and journals.
  • Appreciate how important it is to consider the arguments both for and against an issue.
  • Multi Mini Interviews (MMI) and group interviews are getting more common in dentistry schools.
  • We closely monitor the questions asked each year and will help you structure excellent responses to those type of questions.
  • We interview you in a formal setting to simulate the real interview.
  • We provide unlimited support to you after the sessions.
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